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Operating your sUAS under Controlled Airspace

We're often asked how Small Unmanned Aircraft (sUAS) Pilots approach one-time operations that fall under Controlled Airspace, and whether it's entirely necessary to file a waiver or certificate of operation that will generally require time and patience to acquire.

The bottom line is that no matter the magnitude of your project production, both manned and unmanned aircraft within the same airspace need to know the whereabouts of one another at all times. Without following the proper precautions the level of risk is greatly increased. Open communication is key to providing successful aerial production services because it maintains piece of mind and basic human safety.

1. First things first... Check the Airspace of the location you are looking to fly under.

There are great applications online that will do most of the work for you when it comes to checking the Airspace as well as which Authority has jurisdiction over a specific area. Something to keep in mind when planning an Aeria…

Client Testimonial - Jeff from TOR Environmental

We feel very blessed to have such amazing clients. Working with TOR Environmental has been an incredible experience! Thank you, Jeff, for your kind words!

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