Construction in the Air!

For us, 'doing what you love' is more than a pipe dream. 

The entirety of our work revolves around the same goal, to provide a captivating, cinematic view of the world from above. 

We have pushed the boundaries of ordinary in our approach to 'aerialography' and strive to remain actively involved in finding new areas to benefit. With a world of rapidly increasing technology, there is no one way to apply our services. 

Some of our most unique and highly appealing fields of work have been with construction, commercial real estate, contractors, and community developers. Simply put, the outcome is remarkable. What better way to envision such a widely spaced project, than to view it from the air?

See for yourself...

If you have an upcoming community project and would like to hear more about the aerial possibilities we offer, please give us a call (562) 381-0231, email us at, or visit us online at


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