The Brand Revamp - Seamless AudioVisual Aerial Production™

After months of hard work and dedication remodeling our brand and developing a fresh look, the time has come to release it to the world! We are beyond excited to present an all new and improved LA Video Drone!

We have a newly released 2016 DEMO REEL featuring beautiful new aerials and just a portion of the amazing projects we've had the pleasure of taking part in!  

LA Video Drone is based in Long Beach, CA. We provide FAA Part 107 Certified, Fully Insured Aerial Video and Photography Services using the latest technology in radio controlled multirotor aircrafts and UHD 4K cameras. 
We strive to show the positive aspects of unmanned aircrafts, their substantial influence and potential to impact our civilization for the better.  

Our team is made up of dedicated individuals from various creative backgrounds, each with their own unique outlook and style, conjoining Design, Visual Communication, Art Direction, Cinematography and Post Production. We work together to develop exceptional ideas and deliver a powerful final project with long-lasting value.

We'll help with each step of the way, from location scouting and creative direction to logistics and  permit requests. Given the needs of your project, we can deliver a final video edit personalized with voiceover, text, music, sound effects and more.

Every project is unique and it is our mission to ensure a positive, enjoyable experience by providing quality service, fast turnaround, suitable rates and high safety standards! (Learn More)

-- Thank you to everyone who has believed in us and supported us from the beginning. With all the positive changes in commercial UAS operations -- we are feeling very blessed to be where we are.

Please be sure to check out our new website at WWW.LAVIDEODRONE.COM
(562) 381-0231


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